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Jan 11, 2014i have a carrier infinity thermostat with abcd wiring, green,blue white and red i change this to honeywell wifi thermostat, do i need a separate wire 24 vac, to power for wifi . honeywell said return it and donot use do you think
Carrier Infinity system thermostat is not working properly.
The Carrier Infinity thermostat is serial interface communicating thermostat. In other words it is more or less 'networked' to your ac and heating system like a computer system is. There will be no aftermarket brand of thermostat that will perform this way with an Infinity system.The Carrier Infinity thermostat is serial interface communicating thermostat. In other words it is more or less 'networked' to your ac and heating system like a computer system is. There will be no aftermarket brand of thermostat that will perform this way with an Infinity system. However, Carrier Infinity heating/cooling systems can be wired to a conventional control thermostat. This is called "Legacy Mode". You would probably do best in the Honeywell 8000 or 9000 series thermostats for high end equipment like this. But again, there is a hitch! Most communicating thermostats require only 4 wires to interface with the system. Two 24 volt power wires and two communication wires. If you only have 4 wire thermostat cable run between your furnace or air handler and your thermostat location, it limits you to a conventional thermostat with a two or four wire connection to an Equipment Interface Module that has to be mounted and wired at the furnace/air handler location. Chances are these systems will be just as costly as the Carrier Infinity thermostat is. So in short, it depends on how many conductors are in the thermostat cable between the indoor unit and thermostat. If you have enough conductors for your type of system there, then you can use a conventional thermostat but there are still low voltage wiring changes that have to be made at the outdoor ac unit and/or the air handler/furnace to use your system in Legacy mode.Indeed! This communicating thermostat thing the manufacturers are doing seems to be for one thing and one thing only, MORE MONEY! That includes service companies making more money since you have to be highly factory trained to understand the systems and you can charge an arm and a leg. It also includes the fact that you MUST go with the manufacturer for parts instead of using aftermarket! I think this is the general reason all ac systems are getting more and more complicated! Plus the government keeps shoving minimum efficiency standards down our throats and that makes the AC technology very expensive! If it were me, I'd rewire the system to legacy mode and use any aftermarket thermostat I liked! If you want to stick with a communicating thermostat you're stuck with Carrier's Infinity control. That's your only option. If you want to go legacy, you rewire the thermostat wires (or run a new one to the thermostat if you don't have large enough gauge or amount of conductors) at the air handler or furnace and AC unit then buy whatever brand of conventional thermostat you want. You are not limited to Carrier when wired in the Legacy mode. Even if your system is two stage, a decent new two stage thermostat can be had for $50-$75!I'm pretty familiar with the TPPRH, it's not a bad thermostat. It should indeed be compatible with your Infinity as a communicating thermostat. Wow that's a great deal though! They are normally way more expensive!Oh that's unfortunate! There will be two power wires and two network wires and likewise on both the thermostat and the air handler or furnace. There really is no set color code for the wiring so unfortunately I can't really advise you on which is which. Instead of hit or miss, you really should open the air handler or furnace and see how they're wired there, then wire the thermostat identically. Chances are the red wire is one of the power wires (usually 24 volts hot) but the rest of them are not good. Sorry I couldn't help more!Unless your thermostats, old or new, were or should be, wired in Legacy mode, there should be only 4 wires to connect and they should be on A, B, C and D at both the thermostat and the air handler. If they are wired differently than that, a picture of how the thermostat wires are connected at the air handler and your existing thermostat and also a picture of the terminal strip on the new thermostat would really help me guide you through to the correct wiring.Thanks for those pictures. That clears everything up. The thermostat you purchased is not a communicating type thermostat. That's why it doesn't have the ABCD terminals on it. You have the choice of returning it or rewiring the thermostat wires at your air handler to legacy mode and wiring in the new thermostat. I can help with that if you'd like. Click Here for one of your pictures I've annotated with a bit of an explanation of the control board in the air handler. Since you have 7 wires in your thermostat cable at your thermostat location, you have enough wires to run your system in Legacy mode.To answer your question, well possibly. You have what looks like 7 wires in the thermostat cable, can you confirm that please? Also, I will need the model numbers of both your furnace and outdoor unit to both tell you IF you will lose any functionality AND how to wire it in Legacy mode. Also, on your furnace control board , there is a white sticker that starts with the model number HK42E, can you give me the rest of that number please? You're right though, it's a piece of cake to move some thermostat wires around so I'm sure you can handle it. It's actually much more difficult for me to look up all the info so you get it right! :) All you need to do this is some instructions, a small slotted screwdriver and a wire stripper. Do you have a humidifier attached to your furnace that is controlled by the thermostat and furnace? So in short I need: 1) Model number of furnace 2) Model number of outdoor unit 3) Full model number of furnace control board 4) Whether you have a humidifier attached to your furnace and if so, if the existing thermostat and furnace operates it. 5) Confirmation that you have 7 wires between thermostat and furnace (If there are more than 7, let me know that too please!). With all of that, I can guide you the rest of the way home without having to call your tech out!Ok, having pulled up all the docs on all your equipment (which I will share here with you later for future reference), Click Here for a PDF file showing the NORMAL and proper wiring in Legacy mode between your particular thermidistat, furnace and ac unit. If you look at the diagram, you will notice there are 10 wires hooked up at the thermidistat. You only have 8 available so you're going to have to make some decisions on what functionality to lose. If you choose not to have the outdoor temperature displayed at the thermidistat, you will lose no functionality as compared to your existing Carrier Infinity communicating thermostat. If you want to continue to see the outdoor temperature at the thermostat you will have to lose two of any combination of the three following functions: 1) The dehumidify function. If you are in a humid climate, you may not want to do this. 2) Two stage thermidistat control of your two furnace heating stages. If you choose to lose this option, you can still maintain faux two stage control with a dip switch setting on the furnace control board, the staging just won't be controlled by the thermostat (always preferred) but rather by the furnace control board with an algorithm for staging by demand, timing and run time. 3) Two stage thermidistat control of your two air conditioning stages. If you choose to lose this option, you can still maintain faux two stage control with a jumper on the furnace control board, the staging just won't be controlled by the thermostat (always preferred) but rather by the furnace control board with an algorithm for staging by demand, timing and run time. Also note, you will have to make low voltage wiring changes at your furnace AND your outdoor ac unit. ALL power to both units should be removed before making any wiring changes to either unit! So read through all this and make your choices then let me know how you want to proceed and I'll mock up the drawing with my recommended wire colors for terminal connections.Well, actually you do have the dehumidifying option available to you on the thermidistat you bought. You run a short jumper from Rc to D1 on the thermidistat and use D2 on the thermidistat as the DEHUM connection to the furnace control board. Then you enable that function in the thermidistat. It's a very good dehumidifying control algorithm but again it's all about your choice. With only 8 wires and a Legacy thermostat, you are gonna lose some functionality. If you don't want the dehumidify function, that frees up 1 wire for the outdoor sensor (which termination points have to be moved from the furnace control board to the thermidistat to be able to see it at the thermidistat). So now you have to choose another option that you can live without in addition to losing the ability to use the thermidistat's dehumidify control. Remember, whichever option you choose to lose, you still have a two stage system and it still operates as two stage, the two stages just aren't directly controlled by the thermidistat but instead by a control algorithm in the furnace control board. It just isn't as accurate as controlling the two stages directly in proportion to temperature like the thermidistat does. Bot***** *****ne, if you want the outdoor temperature display at your thermostat, you either need to lose the heat or cool thermidistat two stage function leaving it to the furnace to control, OR you can run a new two wire cable to your thermidistat location for the outdoor sensor and you can have it all!!! Let me know what you decide and I'll mark up that control drawing accordingly and give any other pertinent instructions as well.You don't really have to go all the way to the outdoor probe. You already have the two outdoor sensor wires at the furnace, they are connected on the furnace control board on that two screw terminal connector (blue and brown wires). You can just run a two wire cable from your furnace to your thermostat location, wire nut onto the blue and brown wires in the furnace and then to OAT and SRTN on the thermidistat. They are NOT polarity sensitive. If you do that, you can wire up everything like the picture I sent. You even have the extra wire to use the DEHUM function that already lives in both your furnace and your new thermidistat. Let me know about that because there's already another wiring diagram I can send you that includes the dehum function. Bear in mind there are a couple of housekeeping chores you have to do to the furnace control board to ensure 2 stage control permission is given to the thermidistat. You have to remove the ACRDJ berg jumper and you also have to make sure that SW1 dip switch 2 is ON. These two things tell the furnace control board that the thermidistat is going to perform the heating and cooling staging.
Thermostat wiring question for Carrier Furnace and AC
Feb 14, 2015Carrier 58MN7A Furnace (two stage) Carrier 24ANB6 A/C (I think is single stage only based on only having three wires going to it) I am wiring in a new thermostat and have a question about the wiring. My question is for the A/C wiring in particular. The MB in the Carrier Furnace has a connector for Y/Y2 and Y1
Carrier Infinity Control Installation Instructions Manual
wwwalslib››Thermostat›Infinity Control HomeView and Download Carrier Infinity Control installation instructions manual online. Carrier Infinity System Installation Instructions. Infinity Control Thermostat pdf
Need help - Nest Thermostat wiring issue - Carrier
Nov 22, 2016Hi, I am using Carrier Infinity thermostat for my Carrier Infinity model 58MVC060 3-stage furnace (with Carrier A/C Performance Series model 24APA524A310). It has 4 wires in the thermostat. See photos. I have purchased the Nest Thermostat (3rd gen) and connected those existing 4 wires to Nest Thermostat as follow: A wire from existing to G in Nest B wire from existing to Y1 in Nest C wire
Carrier Installation Wiring Diagram. carrier hvac wiring
Carrier Heating Thermostat Wiring Diagram Free Download Schematic - carrier installation wiring diagram. heat pump air handler diagram \u2013 michaelhannan - carrier installation wiring diagram Gas Furnace Wiring Diagram New Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace - carrier installation wiring diagram.
Thermostats | Carrier Residential
Carrier offers thermostats and controls for the highest degree of climate control, from temperature to humidity, while staying energy efficient.[PDF]
Visit wwwier Installation and Start-Up Instructions
An Infinity System consists of a Infinity Control™ (thermostat plus much more) and an Infinity furnace or fan coil. All Infinity furnaces or fan coils are variable-speed and multi stage for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and comfort. They support con-trolled ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, and
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