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Is a Popping Noise in the Main Breaker Dangerous? | Home
The popping noise is an indication of a dangerous situation that can cause a fire. Arcing Electricity Inside the breaker box, each electrical circuit is routed through a circuit breaker designed
What to Do For a Clicking Noise in a Fuse Box | It Still Runs
Clicking noise in your car’s fuse box is caused by a relay that is turning on and off rapidly can be caused by a computer failure, resistance in the ground wire for the control side of the relay or high resistance in the power supply to the control side of the relay. To find out the source of the problem, you’ll need to run some quick tests using a multimeter.
Videos of fuse box making popping noise
Click to view on YouTube0:15Fuse Box Clicking30K viewsYouTube · 4/27/2011Click to view on YouTube0:05Clicking from fuse box.6 viewsYouTube · 3/10/2016Click to view on YouTube0:56noise coming from fuse box19K viewsYouTube · 3/7/2011See more videos of fuse box making popping noise
Causes of Electric Circuit Buzz or Crackle
If the sound you hear is a crackling sound then your electrical fuse box or panel should be checked out by a qualified electrician right away. 35 Responses to “Causes of Electric Circuit Buzz or Crackle” Here is a method to Identify the Cause of a Popping Sound:
clicking noise in the fusebox? | Yahoo Answers
answerso››Maintenance & Repairs›NextOct 22, 2009A clicking noise near a fuse box is usually one of three things. One cause is a main wire getting close enough to a ground (like the car frame) to spark (called arcing). Another cause is where a fuse inserted in a spot on the fuse panel is not a fuse, but a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is like a fuse in that it stops wires from overheating.Status: OpenA fuse that is not completely inserted can cause a spark. This spark can cause a clicking sound, if enough current is applied. This is probably not the cause, however. A clicking noise near a fuse box is usually one of three things. One cause is a main wire getting close enough to a ground (like the car frame) to spark (called arcing). Another cause is where a fuse inserted in a spot on the fuse panel is not a fuse, but a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is like a fuse in that it stops wires from overheating. The advantage of a circuit breaker is once it cools, it can be reused. This can take a few seconds, or a few minutes. Some do not automatically reset, but have a button that you can press to reset it. The usual cause is actually not a fuse, but a relay. This is a unit that is inserted in a socket on or near the fuse panel. It will make a click whenever power is applied or removed. When there is a problem with your wiring, this can cause rapid clicking. It will sound more like a buzz. The first step is to make sure all your fuses are properly inserted in their sockets. If the noise doesn't go away, try to determine the exact source of the noise. Going to your mechanic with such information will greatly narrow down the possibilities of what it could be.Best answer · 0I do not know what a "51reg corsa" IS, but I do know about cars and car batteries. Is it clicking all the time, before you turn the key? Or is it only when you turn the key to the START position? If it is doing it all the time and there is nothing turned ON, then you have a serious electrical problem and it is time to involve an expert, so call your mechanic. If it is only clicking when you turn the key to the START position, then it is a low voltage condition of the battery, which is either that the battery is discharged OR you have corroded battery connections. The click comes from the starter solenoid as it engages, which connects the starter to the battery which is too weak or the voltage is too low to turn the starter motor, but the motor being connected DOES drag the voltage further down, which causes the relay to drop out. When the relay drops out, the battery voltage recovers somewhat and because you still have the key in the START position, the solenoid engages again and the process repeats, causing repeated clicking as long as you hold the key and the battery voltage is high enough to engage the solenoid. Eventually, the battery terminal voltage will not recover enough to engage the solenoid and the clicking will stop. It should be safe to charge. Just be sure you do the charge in a well ventilated area. The older the battery gets, the more it will tend to evolve off H2 and O2 gasses as it charges, unless you use a "smart" charger which reduces the charge current when the battery is done charging. Most chargers maintain the charge current and overcharge the battery and it is overcharging which causes the water to disassociate into O2 and H2 gasses. If you have a regular battery, NOT a "maintenance free" type, check the fluid level in each cell and bring the level up if necessary with distilled water.1Peugeot 106 Fuse Box0The car just was a peugeot 106 1.1 1997? You must be kidding me..0turn single fuse will make the same sound0
I have a ticking noise coming from my fuse box house is
Mar 03, 2009I have a ticking noise coming from my fuse box house is three years old and is all electric - Answered by a verified Electrician. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Led bulbs a couple of months old are making a popping noise. My super checked electrical outlets and they are fine.
Sizzle/crackling sound from fuse box - Gadgets
forumslpool›GadgetsMay 11, 2011The noise only sounds sometimes when my fridge starts it's cooling process, but when I did have my TV and computer also on the same fuse it would make an almost constant noise. I've taken a look at all my fuses (wire fuses) and they look fine and the cabling in the fuse box appeared fine to me.
Why would my "fuse box" be clicking? - Car Forums and
Sep 27, 2008When I turned it off it started clicking and my door thingy was dinging. My key was NOT in the switch. My husband pulled relay #13 out of the fuse box under the dash. Everything stopped then. It was burnt. we bought a new one but when we put it in it started clicking as well. With it dark and raining we couldn't fool with it very long.
Why is My Fuse Box Buzzing? | 24|7 Home Rescue
What Will An Electrician do?Still Having Trouble?SafetyAn electrician will be able to fix a humming fuse box without risking their health and safety. Fuse box humming could be dangerously hot to the touch or may be electrified, and could potentially explode or catch alight out-of-the-blue if someone unskilled starts trying to fix them. The professional will tighten up the screws in your fuse box and identify the fuse or wiring that is causing the humming noise – it may be vibrating, or may be clearly out-of-place, or show signs of heat-related da..See more on 247homerescue
Why does the fuse box in my house make a clicking noise
wwwers››Home Improvement›Home ElectricityThe clicking noise you are hearing could be the heater is overloading the breaker and it is on the verge of tripping This could be caused by the. Why does the fuse box in my house make a
Why is my home's fuse box making a loud constant buzzing
Jan 02, 2011Did you say "fuse Box" or did you mean "breaker box". At any rate your electrical panel should not be making a loud constant buzzing sound unless you have a timer or or door bell transformer bolted on the side of the panel. It sounds as though you have a loose connection starting and it is causing your electrical system to arc causing the noise.Status: ResolvedAnswers: 10There is a loose connection in the box. This may be a main or a branch circuit connection. Either way, call a local professional electrician to make the needed repairs before there is a fire that kills someone.Best answer · 1Fuse Box Buzzing0I hope that this is a case of mistaken identity. Did you say "fuse Box" or did you mean "breaker box". At any rate your electrical panel should not be making a loud constant buzzing sound unless you have a timer or or door bell transformer bolted on the side of the panel. It sounds as though you have a loose connection starting and it is causing your electrical system to arc causing the noise. This could be a very dangerous fire situation so don't waste any further time. Call an electrician right now and have this fixed immediately. Good Luck Richard1This Site Might Help You. RE: Why is my home's fuse box making a loud constant buzzing noise?0To me it almost definitely sounds like a fan problem there. My guess would be that your fan has some sort of problem and because of this is it making the computer run hotter, which in turn means the fan needs to spin faster to compensate - increasing the noise! If you're feeling confident, you can try removing the side of your case and seeing if you can identify which fan it is that's making the noise. It could be a simple case of a loose wire hitting the blades of the fan. It could also be a build up of dust - if your case if full of dust you can clean it using compressed air. If you can work out what fan is broken, you can think about replacing it. CPU fans aren't that expensive - for about £10 or £20 you can get yourself a good enough fan. If it's the fan inside your power unit, then it's usual for you to have to replace the whole unit at a cost of about £30 or £40.0Constant buzzing means the breakers are junk and probably the box as well. Have a licensed electrician inspect this and make the proper repair or replacement.0If its a breaker box,i would say it one of the breakers grab it by the throw switch and shake each one should be able to hear a sound difference its a fuse box look for a loose fuse .0There are several possibilities as to what is causing this. But, the short answer is... Get a licensed electrician in ASAP!!! This is not fine wine. It will not get better with age. It will only get worse (and, possibly, even more expensive).1one of the breakers is bad. turn off each breaker one at a time until the buzzing stops to find the bad one. call an electrician to replace the breaker0Buzzing noise coming from fuse box/lights flickeringAug 24, 2013Status: ResolvedCircuit breaker buzzes when AC comes on? | Yahoo AnswersJul 29, 2011Status: ResolvedSee more resultsPeople also askWhy does my breaker Buzz?Why does my breaker Buzz?Electrical Panel NoiseA short within an electrical circuit could cause a buzz or hum sound at the electric panel right before a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips off. The affected circuit should be identified so the circuit load may be identified and evaluated so the necessary repairs may be performed.Causes of Electric Circuit Buzz or CrackleSee all results for this questionWhy is my freezer making a humming/buzzing noise?Why is my freezer making a humming/buzzing noise?If your freezer is making a humming noise,it may be a sign of normal operation. However,it's still wise to investigate noticeable noise coming from a freezer,because sometimes humming sounds can indicate your appliance requires service.A Freezer With a Humming Noise | Home Guides | SF GateSee all results for this questionHow to replace a circuit breaker fuse?How to replace a circuit breaker fuse?How to Replace a Circuit Breaker Fuse Step 1 – Open the Fuse Box.Identify Fuse to be Replaced.Check for Current.Remove the Fuse.Check Fuse Amperage... (more items)How to Replace a Circuit Breaker Fuse | DoItYourselfSee all results for this questionWhy does my subwoofer make a popping noise?Why does my subwoofer make a popping noise?A: A popping noisefrom the subwooferindicates a power mismatch in the circuit. The popping noiseoccurs as the amplifier tries to produce more voltage than it can to meet the demands of the subwoofer. This ends up clipping the sound on every cycle.Why does my subwoofer make a popping noise? | ReferenceSee all results for this question
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